Walking School Bus

All aboard the afternoon Walking School Bus (WSB) to Memorial Park

A WSB is when children walk to or from primary school under the supervision of adult volunteers, who are the bus drivers.

The aim of the Tauranga Primary WSB is to reduce traffic congestion at the school gates in the afternoons and improve safety for all school children and their families.

Why join the bus?


  • develop friendships across different age groups
  • learn road safety skills and become familiar with their community
  • gain a sense of independence
  • earn house points and badges for walk milestones


  • help reduce traffic congestion at the school gates and contribute to the safety of our kids
  • enjoy extra free time when you don’t have to be at school at 2.30pm to find a carpark!
  • encourage walking to improve your child’s fitness and health
  • get to know other families in your community

Register your child online


Volunteers needed

Setting up and coordinating a walking school bus route requires enthusiastic parents. We need more people to supervise the students on the walk.

If you can help, please fill in the online 'Registration form’ http://bit.do/tpswsb_register or contact:

  • WSB coordinator Sheree Ellis on 021 515 912