2018 Stationery

In 2018, to reduce costs, we will be supplying stationery to classes in bulk rather than individual packs. The stationery charge for 2018 will cover the annual cost of your child’s stationery requirements. The bulk buying of these items allows us to obtain the most competitive pricing available while ensuring quality and consistency of product. 

The stationery charge will be payable through the School Shop early in 2018 and if paid before 31st January 2018, stationery will be available in class for your child on the first day of school.   This new system means we will no longer have stationery sale days prior to school opening on 1st February 2018 and you can no longer purchase an 'individual pack' for your child.

However, with one simple payment all of your child's stationery needs will be covered for the school year.

To order and pay please click here  SCHOOL SHOP   

Information for 2018 Term 1 sports team options and registrations will also be available through the School Shop. The timeline for registrations is always very short so we encourage you to consider choices and register quickly once information is available. We will send out a notice to let you know when this information is posted.

If you have any problems using School Shop, do contact the office and they will assist with payment options.

Stationery Costs for 2018:

NE & Year 1;  Rms 15, 16, 17  & 19


Year 2:  Rms: 11, 12, 13, & 14


Year 3 & 4:     M3 Thorne, Weis & Gillingham,  

                        M4 West & Catley


Year 5 & 6:     SH 1  Ediker, Morris, Mustard

                          SH 2  Howard, Adams


New Entrants -  starting Term 3 & 4 only



School Donation:  

More inforamtion about how your donation supports our school can be found if you click here:  

$100 for the eldest or only child 

$75 for each additional child.

Activity Fee:   

This fee pays for trips and additional experiences throughout the year.  For example, in Term 1, all of the school is participating in the Deep Water safety programme at the BOP polytechnic pool.  

New Entrants to Year 2 - $50

Year 3 to Year 6 - $55


Y0 NE half T3&4 STATIONERY .doc44 KB
Yr 1 NE Rms 16, 17, 19 2018 STATIONERY pack.doc49 KB
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Yr 3&4 2018 STATIONERY packs.doc52 KB
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