Staff List

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Principal Fiona Hawes 
Assistant Principals Tracey Kerr-Aim    Robyn Caley 


Susan O'Neill     Barbara Turley    Pauline Happé
SENIOR TEAM Team Leader – Cathy Ediker
Jo Howard  S2 5/6
Dave Medley  S2 5/6
Nick Adams / Cathy Ediker  S1 5/6
Kylie Forlong  S1 5/6 
Kylie Bidois / Helen Macdonald  S1 5/6
MIDDLE TEAM Team Leader - Tracey Gillingham
Jenna West  M4 3/4
Liz Catley   M4 3/4
Tracey Gillingham  M3 3/4 
Kelly Savage  M3 3/4 
Whaea Kat Tunney  M3 3/4
 Kirsty Thorne  R11 3/4
JUNIOR TEAM Team Leader - Pam Wilkins
Pam Wilkins 12 Year 2
Holly Kinton / Nadine Mackie 13 Year 2
Jean Campbell 14 Year 2
Jana Smith 15 Year 1
Emma Hyett 16 Year 1
Michaela Murray 17 Year 1
Rob Caley 19 Year 1
  18  New Entrant
 Sandra Thurlow    Reading Recovery, Junior Support Teacher

ESOL and

International Students


Tracey Kerr-Aim - International Student Director
 Andy Rose  Catherine White

Part Time Teachers  

Nadine Mackie     Kerrie Wallace    Johnelle De La Haye

Teacher Aides

Abbey Leen     Kimberley Tipper   Marcia Hutcheson  Deanne Lawrence    Colleen Hextall  

Librarian Pauline Happe
Sports Co-Ordinator Jo Taele 
Technology Staff    
Tom Smith Head of Department
Heather Bonk            Teacher
Susan Oakley  Teacher
Lisa Camplin      Technology assistant
Attached Staff  
Bernie Hiha Reading Recovery Tutor (Waikato University)
Ground Staff ICT Support
Tom Thomson Jon Watson
Jake Taylor