Throughout the year there are loads of fun and exciting sports on offer at TPS!!!

All year 3-6 children are given the opportunity to be part of a school sport team and various sports allow the junior students to join in too. There are so many benefits to your child playing in a team sport. They will not only develop their sporting skills, but also increase their self confidence, make new friends and have loads of fun!!! 


All summer sports leagues kick off at the start of Term 1, therefore registrations will need to be returned to the school office as quickly as possible when school begins. 

• FLIPPABALL run by Tauranga Waterpolo

Flippaball is a fantastic summer sport. It not only helps develop the basic ball skills of passing and catching, but also provides the opportunity to increase confidence in the water and improve swimming skills.  

Played at Memorial Pool,  TPS has teams for years 3-6 boys and girls. 

Flippaball Draws and Results : Tauranga Waterpolo

 • KIWI VOLLEYBALL run by Tauranga Volleyball

Kiwi volleyball is a kid friendly version of the real thing. Great for the development of the basic skills involved in volleyball such as serve, set and pass, and if you're up for it... SPIKE!!!

Volleyball is played at QEYC, TPS enters teams from year 3-6 boys and girls. 

Kiwi Volleyball Draws and Results : Tauranga Volleyball


Cricket is a great team building game that involves many sporting skills, plus is a lot of fun! At primary level there is a huge emphasis on participation, giving all players equal batting and bowling time. 

Cricket is played at various venues around the WBOP. Boys and girls from all years can participate. 

Saturday morning cricket draw and cancellations: 

If your child is interested in playing cricket please email me, if we cannot field a school team we can provide contacts for local cricket clubs.

  • RIPPA RUGBY run by BOP Rugby Union

Rippa Rugby is a fast moving game which is fun and simple to play. Great for those who don’t play rugby as it is non contact, and for those who do play rugby, a great game for the pre season to keep your skills and fitness up. Note that TPS will enter a Yr 3/4 and a Yr 5/6 Rippa Rugby team in the WBOP Rippa Rugby WC in Term 2. Playing in Term 1 will provide the opportunity to improve your skills before these teams are selected.  

Games are played at Waipuna Park, Welcome Bay and boys and girls from Years 1-6 can participate. 

Rippa Rugby draw and cancellations:

  • TBALL and SOFTBALL run by WBOP Softball Association

Both TBall and Softball have been modified for the younger players and offer the opportunity to develop many skills including passing, catching, striking, running and teamwork.

TBall is for 5-7year olds and Softball for 7-11 year olds. Both games are played on Saturday mornings at Carlton Reserve, Otumoetai.  

T-Ball and Softball draw and cancellations:


UNDERWATER HOCKEY is available to our TPS Year 5 and 6 students thanks to Mr Smith from the Technology block. Free of charge and these skills sessions take place in the school pool. Contact Mr Smith on if interested.

 PRE-SEASON NETBALL programme will start in March on the TPS netball courts. The programme will focus on skills and fitness in preparation for the netball season and is open to all Year 3-6 students. Look out for registration form.


Find below a list of the TPS and Inter-School sports events that will be taking place in Term 1. You can start training and register interest to participate to me via email. Note some events are due to qualification and team selection. Parental support is often needed and always appreciated. 

TPS Swimming Sports 

WBOP Go Girls Rainbow Cricket WC 

Top Schools @ Gate Pa 

South Cluster Swimming Championships 

TPS Duathlon  @ TPS

WBOP Swimming Championships  @ Greerton Pool

BOP Surfing Competition - @ Tay St Beach



• NETBALL run by Harbourside Netball Association

At Primary School level there is a huge emphasis on skill development. This is enforced by compulsory rotation of positions so the players have an opportunity to play in every area of the court. 

Year 1 & 2 can participate in a Fun Ferns Netball programme on Tuesday afternoons, Year 3 & 4 play on Wednesdays after school at 4:10pm, and Year 5 & 6 play on Saturday mornings from 9.00am onwards. All games are played at the Harbourside Netball Centre

• MINIBALL run by Tauranga City Basketball

Miniball is a modified version of basketball for Years 1-6 children. A great team sport that encourages ball skills, movement and team work. 

Games are played at either the TECT Arena or QEYC between 4:00pm and 8:30pm. 

• HOCKEY run by Tauranga Hockey Association

Hockey is available to all Years 1-6 children. The year groups are divided into different programmes/leagues to accommodate their skill level.

“Fun Sticks” is a fundamental skills programme for the Years 1/2 children. Children rotate around various skill stations then finish with mini games. "Fun Sticks" begins Saturday 16th May at Tauranga Boys College. 

“Small Sticks” is the competitive hockey league for Year 3-6 children. Games are played on smaller fields and with less players in order to improve their skills and enjoyment for the game. Grading games are at the Blake Park Hockey Turf Complex.  


Note: the school does not offer Football (Soccer) or Rugby as the local clubs fullfil this criteria.

Basketball draw and results - Tauranga Basketball League

Hockey draw and results - Tauranga Hockey Association

Netball draw and results - Harbourside Netball Associatio



The following Inter-School competitions will be taking place in Term 2 & 3. If you are interested in any of the following school sports teams, keep your ears posted for team try-outs!! 

Term 2:

TPS, South Cluster, WBOP, BOP X-Country

WBOP & BOP Rippa Rugby World Cup

Gym Sports Festival (gymnastics, cheerleading, aerobics & hip-hop)

Basketball World Cup

Term 3:

WBOP Rugby League 9-a-side tournament @ Arataki Park

Girls 10-a-side Rugby Tournament @ Gordon Spratt Reserve

Sports Exchange with Te Puke Primary School




An exciting and fast non-contact version of rugby for boys and girls from all year groups.

The competition is played on Wednesdays between 4:20pm and 6:00pm at Greerton Rugby Grounds. 

  • KIWI TAG run by Otumoetai Eels Rugby League Club

Loved playing Rippa Rugby over the winter? Well you can keep playing over the summer with Kiwi Tag! Generally the same rules, just with a luttle rugby influence. 

All year 3-6 boys and girls can play. Games are played on Mondays at Mitchell Park between 4:30pm and 6:20pm. 

  • FLIPPABALL run by Tauranga Waterpolo  

Flippaball is a fantastic summer sport. It increases confidence in the water, plus provides the opportunity to develop the basic skills of passing and catching. Strong swimming skills are not essential, but they may develop!

All games are at the Memorial Pool (Year 3/4s in the learners pool and Year 5/6s in the 25m pool) on Tuesday evenings. 

  • KIWI VOLLEYBALL run by Tauranga Volleyball  

A kid friendly version of Volleyball. Great for the development of the basic volleyball skills including serve, set and pass, and if you are up for it...SPIKE!

Played at QEYC on Fridays. Games are between 4:00pm and 7:15pm. 

  • TBALL and SOFTBALL run by WBOP Softball Association

Both TBall and Softball offer the opportunity to learn so many sporting skills, including catching, passing, running, striking and teamwork. TBall is slightly modied for the younger players (Years 1-3) and Softball caters for the older kids (Years 4-6). 

Both are played on Saturday mornings at Carlton Reserve, Otumoetai.

  • CRICKET run by WBOP Cricket Association

If you are interest in playing Saturday morning cricket over the summer, please come and see me. If we cannot field a team I can recommend local cricket clubs.

  • 5-a-side FOOTBALL run by Blue Rovers Football Club

The 5-a-side version of football is available to all year groups, boys and girls. The league is run on Tuesday evenings at Morland Fox Park in Greerton.

 Flippaball Draws and Results : Tauranga Waterpolo

Kiwi Volleyball Draws and Results : Tauranga Volleyball


 WBOP Tennis Championships @ Papamoa Tennis Courts

TPS Senior Athletics @ Tauranga Domain

WBOP Boys Cricket Festival @ Bay Oval

South Cluster Athletics @ Tauranga Domain

GoGirls Super6 Cricket Tournament @ Bay Oval

Girls Playing Sport Day @ Blake Park

WBOP Athletics @ Tauranga Domain


All of our out of school teams run with the help of parents and without this help we are unable to enter teams. So please do consider helping out with your child's sports team. There are plenty of opportunities to do coaching courses throughout the year. Contact me if you are intersted in any of these. 


Throughout the year we have school teams representing us in so many sports, including Cross Country Running, Swimming, Athletics, Gym, Chess, Triathlon, Golf, Rugby, Soccer, Badminton, Top Schools, Young Einstein, Jump Jam, Funky Fun Days, Tennis.

We take pride that over 90% of all our year 3-6 are involved in sport at Tauranga Primary School.

For more information on sport you can contact Jo Taele on

Jo Taele

Sports Co-ordinator