School Activity Fee

Information Regarding the Collection of Money for School Activities

Dear Parents/Caregivers,
The issue of ongoing requests for money for school visits, shows and various events has always been a difficult one to manage for both the school and parents.

In the past, every time a trip or event was organised that required a request to parents for payment, a notice was sent home on an individual basis.  This system has proved very cumbersome for teachers, parents and school administration staff. It is time consuming to track and chase payments of such small amounts.

The Board thought long and hard about this process and decided to streamline the system, requesting parents to pay these costs through a one off annual activity payment (adjusted for pupils starting throughout the year).

This will cover all class trips, school trips, performances at school and water safety courses.  It will also cover school-subsidised curriculum based sporting events such as swimming sports, athletics, school triathlon and cross country.  The school will not request additional money during the year for these activities.

This activity payment is merely a summation of existing trip/activity monetary requests. 

The 2019 activity payment is $50 per pupil.

You will be billed in term one and we are happy to discuss payment options (such as term by term payments) as necessary.  Note that this fee is adjusted each term for new enrolments.

The school will support children who qualify to represent the school at interschool events such as cross country and swimming sports by meeting the costs for entry at such events including South Cluster and Western Bay, although there will be a token charge for buses. 

This fee is separate from any school camp fees and the school donation and stationery packs.

Optional and additional activities which various children elect to participate in such as ICAS, Young Leaders, Choir, Future Problem Solving, Focus on Fun, Bookclub, Top School, Gymnastics and out of school sports including netball, hockey, flippaball, cricket, miniball, and kiwi tag cannot fairly be covered by this fee and will continue to be billed separately.

We have operated this system now since 2012 and the feedback we have received from our school families is that this system of payment is more effective and straightforward for everyone involved.

From    The Tauranga Primary School Board of Trustees